Postcard from Majorca #1

Well, we have arrived!
It was quite a trip being so late and a 30 minute delay to our flight just tipped Eve over the edge, who was tired and hungry by 8pm. Once we had taken off and she’d had a feed (the feed has to coincide with take off to help equalise her ears) all was well again. Molly was a super star; she looked it with her gold being headphones too. Neither slept til Eve finally lost the battle and nodded off 15 mins before we landed.


We finally started to relax once the taxi dropped us at the hotel, until Molly got left in the lift and screamed the hotel down!


The next day we took our time getting up. We were the personification of mañana, until we had to pick up the hire car that is.
We got to the villa without any issues in time for a late tea at the local pizzeria. Once the children were in bed we tested the gorgeous heated pool.

Time to properly relax!

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