Postcard from Majorca #2

The last couple of days we have visited the beach at Puerto Soller in the morning and spent the afternoon in the pool back at the villa.

When I asked her, Molly said her favourite part of the first day was visiting the beach and building up the sand ramparts with Bobby while the Daddies tried to wash it away. It is really calm, so perfect for the little ones.


Today, Molly and Bobby got the tram to the beach.



My favourite part was swimming with Molly. Her enthusiasm is wonderful. But is was her jumps (dives?) into the pool that took me by surprise. I was almost flattened the first time!


The babies like chilling by the pool too.


Tea time at the villa is usually a bit hectic with these two:


Lucy and I have managed to slip away to buy some groceries to get a break on Tuesday teatime:


And the boys were so keen to get away from it that they cycled over the hill/mountain!


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