Finger food and mashed food recipes

Once I was up and running with the weaning, I wanted to have a few recipes up my sleeve for some more interesting food for the little one that my older one could also eat but also for stocking my freezer. This is a collection of recipes that I am going to keep adding to, that I can keep coming back to:




  • Thyme and onion burgers / sausages (River Cottage baby and toddler book) – lamb, pork or beef
  • Bolognese with pasta, spaghetti or egg noodles
  • Cottage / shepherd’s pie

Finger food ideas for 6+ months

If you have any history of allergies or intolerances in your family then obviously you should introduce these carefully and perhaps later than those who don’t.

First steps:

  • Raw: Avocado, cucumber, banana, plums, apple
  • Cooked: Sweet potato, butternut squash, carrot, french beans, stringless beans, brocoli,
  • Protein-rich: Egg yolks, liver (grass fed, organic), bone broth

Getting into the swing of it:

  • Carbs: boiled or baked potato, pasta (try wheat free and brown too), bread/toast (homemade bread if you can so less sugar and salt), egg noodles
  • Protein-rich:
    • Cheese: mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, creme fraiche, goat’s cheese
    • Meat: casserole (chicken, beef, lamb, pork), sausages (homemade with minced beef, lamb or pork),
    • Lentils and beans: baked beans (homemade), houmous (make with chickpeas or any white beans like butter beans or cannellini)