Translating mum’s internet shortcuts

With my DD1 (see what I did there) it used to hugely frustrate me that these shortcuts were used so regularly with no explanation I could find. I work in marketing and we always start any written piece with the long form of something we are going to shorten so the reader knows what we are talking about, without that they could be lost. So, to help the uninitiated, here is a short post with the translations of the acronyms used around parenting and birth grouped by usage. Please feel free to make some suggestions and additions.


DD1 = Darling / Dear Daughter 1, or first born daughter

DS1 = Darling Son 1, or first born son

DD2 / DS2 etc = Darling Daughter / Son and the number detailing where in the brood they were born – first, second, third etc.

LO = Little one

YDD or YDS = Youngest Darling Daughter / Son

DH / DP / DW = Darling Husband / Partner / Wife

DSD / S = Darling Step Daughter / Son

MIL / BIL = Mother in Law / Brother in Law etc


BF = Breast Feeding

BM = Breast Milk / Bowel Movement (depending on context)

EBM = Expressed Breast Milk

FF = Formula Feeding

CIO = Cry it Out


BC = Before Children OR Birth Control (ha ha! hopefully the context will make this obvious)

IMHO = In My Humble Opinion

JJ / JK = Just Joking / Just Kidding

NMS = Not My Style

SAHP / SAHM / SAHD = Stay At Home Parent / Mum / Dad


L & D = Labour and Delivery

MC or M/C = Miscarriage

O = Ovulation

PG = Pregnant