The Mildly Disruptive Mum

A mum who, like the use of the word in the tech industry, defies the accepted norms and conditions and breaks the mold.

(Rather than a mum who has a screaming fit in the middle of a supermarket, airport or other public place.)

I drive the wrong way round car parks. I go out without make up. I do drink hot drinks at toddler groups (if I went to any) and children’s parties. I don’t go to toddler groups.

I don’t ‘do’ one program or another suggested by authors, bloggers and researchers. I tend to find my own way, researching the topic a few weeks before and then adapting it to my life. For example on the hot topic of baby-led weaning (BLW) or spoon feeding? I combine both depending on where I am, what I’m doing and what’s in my fridge.

On the whole I want the best for my children but I am also busy and a little bit lazy.


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